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Thread: Phoenix KA8

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    Phoenix KA8

    Hi guys!

    I know some of you, Len and Steve, ordered and received the 6M Phoenix KA8 and "what's the verdict"????

    Jeremy and Ben

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    Neither Me or Steve ordered one of those. Tom Pack ordered and received one, which was recently flown and it was pretty good. It doesn't come with spoilers, but it really needs them.
    It seems to fly very well, however the fuse structure seems to be a bit week. Tom had a rather rough landing in Elmira and the fuse bottom took a lot of damage.
    Typical ARF stuff.


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    What he said.....for the money it's not a bad way to go but you need to reinforce the fuse formers between the wheel box and the upper fuse......mine took out almost all of the formers on the bottom of the fuse with a landing that was rough but not that rough. I have it all reinforced and glued back together.....I still need to put the spoilers in.....make a shim for the stab....and then recover where I did the work. Other then that it's a great flying plane....thermals like a champ. There is a video of it in he SKSS Woodwing thread......I came off of tow and farted around a bit and after about 4 minutes it looked like I was going to land but I found lift at the end of the runway and rode it out for a 15 minute flight.....
    Vintage wood is the BEST!

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